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I'm a multi-shipper, able to hold several mutually contradictory ships in my head at once :-)

But I just don't care about Annie/Ben. Too much Sri Lankan beach hut in this episode. The only thing I did like about that plot line is the final reveal, because it will add tension between Annie and Jai, and I ship it :-)

Also Auggie/Liza! Ooh, angsty. He looked kind of bummed when she told him she knew she had been fed a lie, and I don't think it was only because he's concerned about the leak.

Joan/Arthur! I do like the couples counseling sessions. Poor counselor, exiled to the hall way and berated by Joan like that. And now Arthur has gone behind Joan's back, I wonder what will happen with that...

I liked the way they worked Danielle into the episode. I don't like Michael, and I'm not sure we're supposed to, but I do like the relationship between Danielle and Annie, and I ship it a tiny bit, due to years of exposure to Supernatural fandom.

Now, next week I hope we'll get some good Auggie/Annie and Auggie/Jai or even Auggie/Annie/Jai scenes.
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